How to contact Kentucky Opera

323 West Broadway, Suite 601
Louisville, KY  40202
Phone: 502.584.4500
Fax: 502.561.7941

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Kentucky Opera Staff

Barbara Lynne Jamison
General Director

Joseph Mechavich
Principal Conductor

Christine Johnson-Duell
Director of Development

Aubrey Baker
Director of Community Programs

Dan Feith
Director of Production

Sandra Wu
Director of Artistic Administration

Randy Blevins
Marketing & Media Consultant
Think Tank Louisville

Carla Givan Motes
Director of Patron Services & Ticketing Operations

Shane Wood
Patron Services Coordinator

Rron Karahoda
Annual Fund and Foundations Manager

Laura Goodman
Manager of Special Events

Jamie Strange
Special Event Associate

Josette Miles
Costume Shop Manager

Colleen Spanyer
Administrative Coordinator