New Robin Hood Performance Dates

Out of an abundance of caution regarding COVID-19, we have postponed performances of Robin Hood.

We all have the power to do good in this world — if we choose.


a youth opera by Ben Moore and Kelley Rourke

Bomhard Theater
501 W Main St | Louisville, KY 40202

Sung in English
Originally commissioned by The Glimmerglass Festival © Ben Moore and Kelley Rourke.

The culmination of our inaugural Youth Opera Program, this production is a fresh take on the classic childhood tale performed by youth for youth and their families. Faced with corruption from the tyrannical Sheriff, Robin follows the voice of his heart and leads a merry band of ordinary citizens to change their world.

Robin Hood Cast

Ruby Miller
Robin Hood

Isabella Recktenwald

Cody Horne

Madalyn Cull

Brody Cherry
King Richard

Five Deputies

Morgan Stauter

Bella Slone
Ronnie the Riveter

Elise McKenna-Sparks
Jackie the Janitor

Belle Blevins
Sam the Scribe

Elise Wobbe
Jo the Jailor

Sr. Merry Band Members
  • Micah Arnold
  • Michael Bulleit
  • Emily Burns
  • Allison Crosser
  • Allie Cruse
  • Soleila Elliott-Gonzalez
  • Nicolas Goodman
  • Isabel Harper
  • Graceanne Martin
  • Molly Preston
  • Lea Schenk
  • Meara Wilcox
Jr. Merry Band Members
  • Lucy Breit
  • Easton Cherry
  • Brody Cherry
  • Noah Crase
  • Himani Deo
  • Kate Doran
  • Charlette Duvall
  • Emilia Gromko
  • Anna Horvath
  • Mary Jenkins
  • Ella Jenkins
  • Samantha Snyder
  • Elyse Wilcox