talise-trevigneCIO-CIO-SAN: (Soprano) Also known by the English translation of her name, Madame “Butterfly,” Cio-Cio-San is the naïve, but loyal former geisha who marries and is later abandoned by the American Navy officer, Pinkerton. She is portrayed by Talise Trevigne.

TALISE TREVIGNE: “Trevigne’s voice was agile and expressive as she conquered the wide melodic leaps. Her voice was clearly heard throughout, even when the orchestra was in full volume with dense lines and dissonant clusters.” TimesUnion



PINKERTON: (Tenor) The US Navy Lieutenant who marries Cio-Cio-San to satisfy him before he finds a real, American bride.

HAROLD MEERS: “…And, ah, the soloists! Collectively, they were easily on a par with the casts that grace many Spoleto productions. Tenor Harold Meers sang the role of jilted lover Don Jose to pearly-toned perfection, his slow buildup of seething rage reminding the audience what crimes of passion are all about.” City Paper



SHARPLESS: (Baritone) Sharpless is the American Ambassador in Japan who unsuccessfully tries to help Cio-Cio-San understand the reality of her situation.

MORGAN SMITH: “The Performance by baritone
Morgan Smith…was beyond praise, and the ovation that followed was rewarded with an immediate encore – a rare treat at the premiere of a substantial piece of new music.” The Seattle Times



THE BONgustav-andreassenZE: (Bass) Cio-Cio-San’s uncle, the Bonze, chastises her for denouncing her religion of heritage and converting to Pinkerton’s religion, Christianity.

GUSTAV ANDREASSEN: “Andreassen looked and sounded the part of the leader of the noble Masonic order, bringing a resonant bass and digni ed presence to the part of Sarastro.” Opera News



GORO: (Tenryan-connelly-head-shot-2or) The Japanese marriage-broker who arranges the marriage between the geisha Cio-Cio-San and the American navy officer, Pinkerton.

RYAN CONNELLY: “Tenor Ryan C. Connelly made
it the more ravishing because of his subtlety of expression.” Music in Cincinnati



 650_niemanheadshotcolorKATE: (Soprano) Pinkerton’s new, real, American bride who accompanies Pinkerton back to Nagasaki to retrieve his and Cio-Cio-San’s young son.

ASHLY NEUMANN: ”Ashly Neumann… sings in tender soprano of how much she and the children miss Thompson, and she counts the weeks until his return. Spontaneous applause followed her lyrical first-act aria.” Syracuse.com/entertainment



SUZUKI: (Mezzo) Cio-Cio-San’s loyal maid who stays with her through all the trials.

CLARA NIEMAN: “As Lisa’s mother, Nieman
brilliantly captured the torment of a woman whose
starved and emaciated body could barely move…
Driven by Nieman’s anguish-filled voice, the music built to a powerful climax – ‘walk me into bed’ – before collapsing.” Fort Worth Weekly


IMPERIAL COMMISSIONER/PRINCE YAMADORI: The imperial Commissioner arrives with the Registrar of marriages to facilitate the wedding. Prince Yamadori is a rich Japanese prince who wants to marry Butter y and is introduced to her by the marriage‐broker, Goro.

CONOR MCDONALD: “Conor McDonald impressed with a steady, forward-placed baritone, especially as he intoned a relentless solo passage circling around the action on auto-pilot.” – Opera Today