Ovations – Musical Excerpts – Romeo and Juliette



From the 2013/14 Season


Mercutio, Roméo’s friend – One of the many who is sacrificed to the family feud and has the best dying line ever (Ballad of Queen Mab)

Juliette Capulet – House Capulet daughter who attends her first big party where she meets and falls in love with rival Montague son (Je veux vivre)

Roméo Montague – House Montague heir who crashes the rival Capulet party and immediately falls in love with a Capulet daughter  (Ah leve-toi soleil)

Friar Lawrence (Frère Laurent) – the well-meaning padre who marries the two thinking it will resolve the feud.  Also provides the “poison” for Juliette and relies too heavily on the mail for the most important message (Trio)

Stéphano (in the play known as Balthasar) – prompts the fight with the Capulets that will end with the deaths of Mercutio and Tybalt, and the banishment of Roméo – one of the best pants role for a mezzo soprano (Que fais tu)