Ovations – Musical Excerpts – La Boheme



From the 2013/14 Season


Mimì – the consumptive seamstress who falls for Rodolfo but is unable to overcome her frailties and eventually succumbs to her illness. (Mi chiamano Mimì)

Rodolfo – a writer with a jealous streak who has money in his family but chooses the life of the poor artisan.  He falls for Mimì but is unable to save her when her health takes a turn for the worse. (Che gelida manina)

Musetta – a former girlfriend of Marcello, Musetta makes sure that all eyes are on her.  (Quando me’n vo)

Marcello, Schaunard and Colline – they don’t have two francs to rub together but these roommates and friends of Rodolfo seem to make the best of things even in tough times.  (Legna! Sigari!)