Ryan, how do you think Pedrillo feels, knowing that his love, Blonde, is in the care of the overseer of the slaves, Osmin? I see Pedrillo in a couple of different ways. He could be in the position of power, having taken quite well to his job at the palace, and thus is annoyed by Osmin trying to steal Blonde away, but not really too worried. Pedrillo and Blonde fight, but that is part of their relationship. It could also be played that Osmin is the one who is more favored by the Pasha, and therefore it is quite a real threat that Osmin will try to claim Blonde for himself!

How would you describe the relation-ship with Pedrillo and Belmonte? I really like to see Pedrillo and Belmonte’s relationship as the ultimate “Bros.” He is Belmonte’s servant, but they are clearly also friends, which would make sense, since there’s no indication that Pedrillo is older than him in any way. Perhaps they had been in these positions since they were young and therefore grew to be great friends.