Josh, can you speak to how you approach the comedy in the opera? I think the approach to the comedy will come once we start staging with the director’s idea of the show, and collaborate with the other artists. I’m also a firm believer that comedy comes from being serious. Trying to be funny can often lead to disaster. So as long as I approach the character seriously, the show should create a lot of the funny moments.

Can you speak to the musical language of Mozart? Mozart is hard! Ha! There is a saying in our business that if you can sing Mozart well, you can sing anything. His music tends to sit very high, but it has a structure that is so familiar and pleasing to the ear. There are many melodies that the audience can hum as they leave the opera. It is meant to please the masses and I think that is why Mozart has been so popular for so long.

This production is a singspiel and will be sung in German, but with English spoken dialogue. Can you speak to going back and forth on the language? I don’t have any experience doing an opera with spoken dialogue in one language and singing in another language. I know it will make the memorization process go a lot faster since this is my first ABDUCTION. Knowing some of my colleagues’ acting abilities in this show, I think it will be a great dramatic experience for the audience.