laurie-violettaThe Kentucky Opera 2014-15 season is officially “kicked off!” We hosted a successful open house at The Brown Theater on August 7th with tours, raffles, food and signature cocktails. We had a wonderful turnout of people who have never seen our productions and were intrigued by our new and exciting repertoire.

There have been many recent opinions by “leaders” in the opera industry that our beloved artform is not relevant and the audience for opera is dying. WELL I COULD NOT DISAGREE MORE! Madison Opera recently had their annual Opera in the Park and 14,000 showed up for the outdoor performance. Wolf Trap Opera in Vienna, VA just performed Carmen in the shed and had record attendance. I just did a concert of Sibelius, Grieg and Strauss in a town of 5,000 and 300 turned up. Kentucky Opera basically sold out Roméo et JulietteLa BohèmeDon Giovanni, and Tosca. Organizations might have to work a little bit harder to secure their audience and use more creative techniques but THAT is our job.

I met a Louisvillian at our Kickoff Event who had never been to a Kentucky Opera production. After her initial introduction to what we bring to our audience, she bought a season subscription. Mission accomplished! But then she toured the theater, stood on our stage, and enjoyed a chat with Kentucky Opera’s Director of Production Chuck Schmidt. She then went back to our team and upgraded her subscription to the next level. Touchdown!

Opera is a transformative experience. Once we get you in the door, you will be hooked!