Will any of the productions featuring the same cast take place in a different season? Can the Brown-Forman 20/21 Season just be postponed? 

It takes years to plan an opera season. Kentucky Opera began discussing the 20/21 season in August 2018. Similarly, cast members commit to roles two to three years in advance. For example, singers who were cast in the 20/21 season auditioned in December 2019. We are in discussion with our cast members to assess options for reimagining our 20/21 season. 

You’re asking me to donate my subscription—and make an additional donation; if there are no operas this season, why do you need my donation? 

Kentucky Opera is committed to honoring all artist contracts. Your donation will directly go toward paying these artists and supporting their upcoming work with usMany of these artists have agreed to alter the terms of their contracts to help us create and bring innovative and exciting live and digital programs to share with our community and with our schools. We will make an announcement about these changes soon 

What will happen to my 20/21 Subscription? 

If you donate your subscription, you can help Kentucky Opera honor our artists’ contracts and cover the 20/21 expenses we have already incurred and, in some cases, paid for prior to the pandemic. You may donate your subscription to help Kentucky Opera, keep it as a credit on your account for future performances, or request a full or partial refund. If we do not hear from you on or before July 31, 2020, the cost of your subscription will automatically become a credit on your account. 

How can I use my credit? 

If you decide to transfer the cost of your subscription into a credit, you will be able to use it for any upcoming performance at Kentucky Opera. You may convert your credit to a donation at any time. 

Will my subscription donation qualify for donor benefits? 

Yes, donating your subscription will qualify you for donor benefits, including premier access to some of Kentucky Opera’s special events this season. 

How can I help Kentucky Opera’s staff and artists? 

In addition to donating your subscription, you can also make an additional tax-deductible donation on our websiteAny new or increased gifts will be matched up to $150,000 by Kentucky Opera’s Board of Directors. 

Aside from season changes, are there other steps Kentucky Opera has taken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Kentucky Opera’s staff has been working remotely since March to ensure the safety of our staffSome staff was furloughed and all staff salaries have been cut up to 20%. We are also having digital events when possible and will adhere to public health guidelines for in-person events. 

When will the 21/22 Season be announced? 

The 21/22 Season will be announced later in 2020. We will announce the new season on our website, kyopera.org.  

How do I contact Kentucky Opera if I have questions? 

Please email us at Email@kyopera.org or call us at (502) 584-4500. 

If you have requested a refund by phone it will be processed after September 1, 2020.