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OVATIONS: Comments from Connie Yun,...

OVATIONS: Comments from Connie Yun, Lighting Designer

What advice would you have for students who want to continue studies in the performing arts? How does one become a lighting designer? I’m a big fan of the general liberal arts education coupled with real world experience.  Don’t specialize too early; college is your opportunity to expand your horizons.  Read, read, read!  Really look […]

OVATIONS: David Belasco Biography

“From candle light, through gas, locomotor reflectors, the oxyhydrogen lime-light, up to the present electric system, Mr. Belasco has pursued the advance of his art. Until today none can rival him in the wizardry of stage lighting.” Theatre Magazine, 1922 David Belasco was born on July 25th, 1853, the son of Abraham and Reina Martin […]

OVATIONS: From the Page to the Stag...

In 1900, Giacomo Puccini visited London for the Covent Garden premiere of his opera Tosca. During this time, he attended a performance of the play Madame Butterfly, by American Impresario David Belasco. Puccini was especially captivated by a scene where Madame Butterfly herself (Cio-Cio-San), her maid (Suzuki) and her son (Trouble), stay up through the […]

OVATIONS: Comments from Lisa Hasson...

Can anyone sing in an opera chorus? Is singing in an opera chorus different from singing in other kinds of choruses? I don’t think that singing in an opera chorus is for everyone, although certainly everyone can enjoy the result! It takes some classical training, vocal and breath control, and familiarity with foreign languages is […]

OVATIONS: A conversation with Josep...

Joseph Mechavich, comments on his career and on Kentucky Opera’s production of MADAME BUTTERFLY!