Monday Orchestra Dress Ky Opera La Boheme 9/2013


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Courier Journal  Young performers tackle venerable ‘La Bohème’ in Kentucky Opera’s opener – Elizabeth Kramer  Kentucky Opera 2013 kicks off with Puccini’s clasic La Bohème on Spetember 20 – Selena Frye

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WFPL  Truth, Youth and Beauty Shine in Kentucky Opera’s ‘La Bohème’ – Erin Keane

“The talented cast is young and beautiful, Robert Little’s set is sumptuous, and when combined with Puccini’s stirring score – let’s just say that freezing in a shabby candlelit Paris apartment with your underemployed friends never felt so appealing.”

“It’s a young but able cast – all six are performing these roles for the first time with a professional company, and that lends a youthful authenticity to scenes which revolve around some version of ‘drinking the night away while your friends make poor decisions’ that is difficult to fake. With this cast, even the 1830s Paris setting manages to feel fresh, not antique – in costume, the men look like spare Mumford sons, not fussy divos. And they all look the part of the beguiling artist. too.” Beautiful Bohème – Selena Frye

“Tenor Patrick O’Halloran as Rodolfo handled the first gorgeous aria, ‘Che Gelida Manina’ with extraordinary poise and all the romantic “swoon” that marks it as a classic. He and soprano Corinne Winters as Mimì are well-matched, exhibiting a lovely chemistry as they make their first shy and stumbling introductions to one another through the songs.”

“Soprano Emily Albrink brings delightful effervescence and attitude to her role, highlighted in the playful song, ‘Quando me’n vo”(Musetta’s Waltz).”

“Another nice thing about this well-designed production is that not only do the performers sing beautifully, they act their roles naturally..” Kentucky Opera Opens a New Season with “La Bohème” – Annette Skaggs

“O’Halloran and Winters were a delight to listen to in their flirtatious recitatives and even in their glances at one another; one could not help but hope that these two have found the love they were looking for. In the aria ‘Mi chiamano Mimi,’ Winters’ strong soprano was lovely; and with this being one of the two most well-known arias in any repertoire, she made it her own, so much so that as she sang I had a sense that the stage was getting brighter, when in fact it wasn’t – it was that transformative.”

“‘Quando me’n vo’ is such a fun and diva-ish aria to sing, and Ms. Albrink was spot on, having a hint of sultry vixen and school girl crush in her voice and actions.”

“Enter Colline, a philosopher, who to help the cause in getting Mimi’s help offers to sell his treasured overcoat in the aria ‘Vecchia zimarra.’ Oh my goodness! I wanted to listen to Mr. Arnold singing that all night long. Pitch perfect and filled with emotion.”

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