Conviction and Creed



Closeup photo of two aged hands clasped in prayer, resting on a church pew, with an ornate rosary dangling from the hands.

For centuries, humans have grappled with the concept of the divine. Our notions of higher powers have resulted in various traditions and creeds that center a multitude of faith communities. These constructs can give us comfort and predictability. They can also cause conflict, strife, and even war. These themes have been the central topic of many operas. Recognizing that many Faith traditions are represented in opera, as well as our own region, we would like to gather the stories of our community values surrounding the many expressions of faiths and non-faith based ethical traditions represented in our communities. How has your faith served as a lens to see the world? Have any spiritual or non-religious philosophies helped guide you through a difficult time in your life? How does a religious community play a role in your family traditions? Please submit your content below.

What will Kentucky Opera do with these submissions? These submissions will be anonymous and inspire an original series of short videos featuring standard opera repertoire in which the characters rely on, or grapple with their various faith traditions. These short videos will feature our season’s professional performers and be posted on our YouTube channel and social media.

Submissions for Conviction and Creed will open soon.