Dear Mom

Created as part of our “A Heart’s Home” theme, each video in our “Dear Mom” series consists of a short mini drama that narrates one family’s story, depicted as a letter written to the character’s mother, alongside classic opera repertoire.

Episode 1 in our “Dear Mom” series features a letter from Natalka, a Czech-American woman, to her mother in the far-away Czech Republic.

What struggles, celebrations, or triumphs have defined your family? Share your thoughts below to inspire future videos.

A Heart's Home. Families are changing, but love sees no difference.
Photo of young father smiling broadly as he cradles his little son in his arms with his aged father in a baseball cap beside him smiling at the boy. They are standing on a pier looking out on a lake.

We are asking our community to share stories, photos, letters, videos or other recordings that represent your expression of Family. Is there a special postcard from a relative? A photograph of your ancestors? A story about a holiday celebration (“One year when...”)? A video of a memorable winning little league game? Please submit your content below.

What will Kentucky Opera do with these submissions? We’ll share these submissions anonymously with our artistic team and use them as inspiration for an original series of short videos featuring opera repertoire that will be posted on our YouTube channel and social media.

Opera begins with story. We hope you'll tell us yours.