A Heart’s Home

What special moments have defined your family?

Photo of young father smiling broadly as he cradles his little son in his arms with his aged father in a baseball cap beside him smiling at the boy. They are standing on a pier looking out on a lake.

Kentucky Opera's stage amplifies the values and voices of our community. The Amplify Your Voice initiative uses our virtual “stage” to boost the voices of our community along three different themes this season: Family, Justice, and Faith.

A Heart’s Home is a project to collect the stories of families throughout Kentucky. We will retell these stories as musical mini-dramas in short 5-minute webisodes.

All families are unique, with stories of pain, joy and hope that deserve to be told. What life lessons did you learn from your mother or father? Is there a celebration or event that you wish you could describe and share with a loved one who has died? What do want your children to know about their childhood when they’re older? What are your stories?

Amplify your voice! Share your story below.