Cambridge, Alyson (full body)Kentucky Opera is very proud to welcome Alyson Cambridge to the cast of SHOW BOAT. Ms. Cambridge is an internationally acclaimed soprano, who has performed with such notable companies as Florentine Opera, Dallas Opera, San Diego Opera, and more. She’s also recently released a jazz album, entitled “Until Now,” which is available for purchase HERE!

Last week, we were fortunate enough to share a quick word with Ms. Cambridge as she prepared for a concert at The Kennedy Center, to learn a bit more about her relationship to music and her inspirations. Make plans now to see Ms. Cambridge in person, as she fills the role of Julie LaVerne in SHOW BOAT. Tickets available now. 

Ms. Cambridge discovered her love of singing at a young age. “According to my late grandmother, I was singing and humming as soon as I was talking,” says Ms. Cambridge. “But the real discovery came when I was 12 years old. I was a theatrical and outgoing kid, and used to impersonate everyone I heard on the radio, from pop singers like Madonna and Whitney Houston to opera and jazz singers. My mocking impression of an opera singer on the radio led to my first voice lesson, where my teacher, surprised at my age, said I had natural affinity for classical singing.” From there, the path began in earnest, and has lead to an almost 15-year career in music.

Now she’s balancing a career as an operatic soprano and a jazz singer. “It’s a careful Cambridge, Alyson (bw)balance! This past summer was spent recording “Until Now,” and preparing for my first Madama Butterfly in the fall,” says Ms. Cambridge. “You couldn’t pick two more different styles of vocalism, but it was and is so satisfying.” Ms. Cambridge credits her experience with SHOW BOAT with inspiring her new jazz album, “Until Now.”

“After singing several productions of SHOW BOAT, where I was able to exercise my jazzier vocal chops, and seeing how well it was being received within the opera world, I felt like I finally had ‘permission’ to show that side of my voice more often and on recording,” says Ms. Cambridge. “When I began working with my friend Andy Einhorn, one of Broadway’s most talented music directors and arrangers, we just brainstormed and ultimately ended up picking songs with such a variety of styles, all of which hold some of significance for me, and all of which displayed a side of my voice, personality, and vocalism that I’d never shared but have always wanted to…until now!”

“SHOW BOAT is such an important show for its historical significance in representing the racial and social landscape of the time in which it was written,” says Ms. Cambridge. “All the character have powerful and important story arches, and the music is second to none. There is something for everyone in this show––intense highs and poignant, touching moments. This is a show that has touched me and meant so much to me personally and in my career.”

Cambridge, Alyson (red dress)Ms. Cambridge is looking forward to filling the role of Julie LaVerne as well. “I could go on and on about Julie, and what she means to me!” Ms. Cambridge relates to her character in many ways. “Portraying a mixed race woman, as I am, who is a singer and actress, as I am, who has experience life’s highs and lows, as I have makes portraying her an incredibly intense and personal experience. It gives me artistic license to go to very real emotional places that I think can only come when you are so deeply connected to a character.” It is hardly a stretch for Ms. Cambridge to imagine what the reality of life would have been for her character, “It’s an honor to sing such an intense role, and I simply love bringing her to dramatic and musical life.”

We’re thrilled to welcome Ms. Cambridge to Louisville for the first time. “I’ve heard that it’s a dog friendly city, and I’ll be bringing my trusty four-legged companion, Lucy, with me!” We’re excited that Ms. Cambridge is looking forward to exploring our museums, restaurants, music scene, and more. “I just love to explore and discover new things,” she says with enthusiasm.

Want more from Alyson Cambridge? Join her for an after hours jazz concert at Varanese Restaurant on February 8! She’ll be sharing selections from her new album with accompaniment from the Jeff Sherman Trio. Reservations recommended and can be made by calling (502) 899-9904 or CLICKING HERE! Tickets to SHOW BOAT are available now, including our Family Four Packs! Click HERE to purchase your tickets now.